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KFL offers a wide variety of seasoned flour blends …


The selection of culinary sauces are endless as our …


We have wide selection of seasoning powder to flavor …


We develop premixes as solutions to the growing …


Beverages and desserts are becoming a growth factor …


KFL’s signature garlic and chili paste are shelf-stable …

Textures & Bites

As a one-stop shopping solution for our business …

Coating Systems

KFL offers a wide variety of seasoned flour blends for deep-fried products such as fried chicken, nuggets, tempura, fish fry and onion rings. The coating selection starts from the substrate to be coated, be it poultry, seafood or vegetables. Our selection then covers individual needs for various applications and product parameters such as:

  • 3-in-1 or 3-steps (predust, batter, breader)
  • Adhesion
  • Flavor/Aroma/Spicy
  • Crispy/Crunchy texture
  • Flakiness
  • Color
  • Sheen
  • Particle size
    Holding Time


The selection of culinary sauces is endless, as our  Chefs work with R&D Scientists to explore the latest trends in food industry around the globe.

Some of the best selling sauces are: Black pepper, Korean inspired sauces, and Indonesian traditional sambals. Sauces can be designed to perform specifically for particular application such as condiments, dressings, cooking sauces, liquid marinades or even as fillings.

Our capability covers sauces with particles and oil-emulsion. We can formulate unique flavor profiles that are available in a wide range of consistencies.

In some business cases, we can cater for requirements such as clean label, non-preservative, and other specific market needs.


We have a wide selection of seasoning powders to flavor your products. From extrudates, chips, fries, fried pellets to traditional crackers, you can select a suitable seasoning that suits any snack base. Some of the parameters offered:

  • Traditional/local flavors such as Balado to global flavors like BBQ and Cheese
  • Particle size
  • Color
  • Flake Inclusion

This product category includes topical seasonings, sprinkles, marinades, dry rubs, and in-dough seasonings.

Our selection of marinades function not only to provide flavors but also enhance product stability, increase yield, as well as improving the meat’s texture.

Premixes and Powder Ingredients

We develop premixes as a solution to the growing needs of the food service industry that requires simplicity, efficiency, and consistency in their operation. Some examples of our premixes are for perkedel, takoyaki, pancake and waffle.

Our garlic and chili powders offer users another level of customization to KFL’s already unique products.

You can add these powders to modify the formula you can truly call your own. Pure, clean-label and value are what you will find in our powder ingredients.

Syrups, Toppings & Fillings

Beverages and desserts are becoming a growth factor in many food service brands as their consumption is growing amid competition and innovation.

Our syrups are designed to provide variations and values to beverages products. Perennially popular flavors such as lemonade and brown sugar allow users to upgrade or customize their products with minimum stirring required.

Thicker toppings are used to give final touches to your favorite desserts such as ice creams and waffles; while our fillings are used in bakery applications to deliver unique selling points. You can choose from a range of sweet classics ( chocolate, vanilla, etc) to fruity options ( strawberry, mix berries, etc) or even tap into seasonal favorites (pumpkin latte & tiramisu).


KFL’s signature garlic and chili pastes are shelf-stable replacements of its fresh produce counterparts. Our state-of-the-art processing technology allows the production of paste without preservative and other additives while affording the product with shelf life up to 2 years. Benefits of using KFL garlic and chili paste:

  • Ease of use as you don’t need to peel/cut/grind the fresh materials
  • Clean label provides simplicity to incorporate into existing formula
  • Proprietary techniques sealed the freshness, flavor and aroma of garlic and chili
  • Long shelf life affords the supply assurance and price stability

Textures and Bites

As a one-stop shopping solution for our business partners, we are able to develop various sweet and savory particulates, chunks and toppings to complete the looks, textures, and values of your products.

The products are basically endless from cookies sticks, meringues, and sweet sprinkles to savory cheese bits. Please ask our Technical Team for recommendation on how we can complete your products.