Karawang Foods Lestari

Our Company

We have been serving the food industry for over 20 years. Along our journey, we have established a solid reputation as an innovative and trustworthy partner for all of our clients. This is achieved through our continuous commitment in offering the highest quality and care in our products and services. We consistently grow by expansion into new markets and technologies.

Our Activities

KFL specializes in the development, manufacture, and sale of customized food solutions. Our product offerings include both savory and sweet seasonings in powder, liquid, and paste forms.

Our Philosophies

Two chilis are used as our logo because it symbolizes our beginning as a chili sauce manufacturer. It is also a tribute to the important ingredient that provides the bold flavor to our products.

The green color signifies natural ingredients that we use to make our products. It also embodies our commitment to be environmentally responsible.

The chilis are positioned in a Yin-Yang template to represent the balance of our commitment to best serve our customers and to deliver value to all of our stakeholders which encompassed all of the KFL team, our suppliers, our customers, and Indonesia.

Our Values

KFL strives to continuously adapt through our products and services to deliver better values for our customers. We go back to the basics of science to deliver innovations in the food that we produce through: taste, aroma, texture, appearance, stability, performance, health, safety, and environment. This is why curiosity and research are at the core of our business.

The Best Taste for All

We are committed to give the right solutions on quality and taste.

“At KFL we are small enough to care,
big enough to serve global companies”