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Garlic Paste: A Solution for Your Foods​

Garlic is a basic seasoning used in most food preparations in the world, especially in Asia. Garlic consumption in Indonesia is very large, reaching around 500 thousand tons per year (Susenas, 2021).

Garlic Types

Kating Garlic

1. The aroma is very pungent as well as the taste it gives

2. When used for cooking it only takes a little more onion to make the dish delicious

3. As an option when the price of Kating Garlic is too expensive

Honan Garlic

1. The aroma and taste are more bland than Kating Garlic.

2. Used as an alternative for those who need garlic seasoning but not too overpowering

3. The aroma and taste are more bland than Kating Garlic.

Common Problems that Arise in Garlic

1. Fluctuating price (price uncertainty)

2. Risk of stock shortages (quantity uncertainty)

3. Unstable garlic quality (quality uncertainty)


Garlic Paste Kaef, is a cream paste made from fresh garlic intended to be used as a replacement of fresh garlic in formulation. Garlic Paste Kaef 100% made from genuine Kating Garlic which is ground with the latest technology. Processed under airtight conditions, controlled temperature and pressure so that no aroma is wasted into the air. Processed aseptically with sterilization treatment.


1. No Preservative. Clean label so easy to include in existing formulation without changing anything

2. Fresh Garlic flavor and aroma. Garlic powder have a limitation when used to replace fresh garlic; our Garlic Paste is developed with the intention of replacing fresh garlic in the formulation. So it maintains the aroma, texture and flavor of fresh garlic.

3. Stable at room temperature. Flexibility in storage versus its fresh garlic counterpart.

4. Cost saving. Some of our customers have reported up to 50% reduction in usage when substituing fresh garlic with our Garlic Paste.

Taste Profile

Red Area: Top Note. The taste of garlic comes at the beginning
Blue Area: Middle Note. The taste that appears when chewing food
Green Area: Base Note. A lingering taste in the mouth and aftertaste after swallowing food

Garlic paste gives the overall flavor booster in the middle note and a long lasting savory taste (base note)