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Symbolic handover of PT. Karawang Foods Lestari's CSR by Marketing Communication Mr. Faldi Hanggada to Mr. Sandi as representatives of Bekasi regency government.

PT. Karawang Foods Lestari’s Contribution to 38th West Java Quran Recitation Contest (MTQ) in Bekasi Regency

Cikarang, 29 April 2024 – We are thrilled to present the April edition of PT. Karawang Foods Lestari’s CSR newsletter, where we highlight our commitment to making a positive impact on society. This month, we shine a spotlight on our support for the 38th West Java Provincial 2024 Qur’an Recitation Contest (MTQ) organize by Bekasi Regency Government.

The Bekasi Regency government ensures that 38th West Java Provincial Qur’an Recitation Contest (MTQ) in 2024 celebrate grandly, yet still solemn. This religious event integrates with various cultural activities and the promotion of Bekasi’s unique industrial tourism.

Quoting from sindonews.com, Acting Regent of Bekasi, Mr. Dani Ramdan said 38th West Java Provincial Qur’an Recitation Contest (MTQ) in 2024 will be combined with cultural festival and industrial tourism promotion. Throughout the Qur’an Recitation Contest (MTQ) event, all participants will be given the opportunity to join industrial tours for free. They will visit various factories to learn about the production processes of various popular products made in Bekasi Regency, ranging from food/drinks to vehicles.  

On this occasion, Kaef by PT. Karawang Foods Lestari also participate in supporting 38th West Java Provincial in 2024 Qur’an Recitation Contest (MTQ) event by providing several products. The Marketing Communications Representative of PT. Karawang Foods Lestari, Mr. Faldi Hanggada, explained the reason for Kaef’s participation in the event. 

“Qur’an Recitation Contest (MTQ) is an event attended by representatives from all communities from each region in West Java. This is our commitment to continuously introduce high-quality domestic products. Especially as one of the food and beverage industries located in Bekasi Regency. As part of our ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility, we proudly support initiatives that contribute to the cultural, educational, and spiritual enrichment of our communities.”