Karawang Foods Lestari

Dalgona Strawberry

Dalgona Strawberry Ingredients Strawberry to taste Strawberry Bubble Time 3 tbsp Warm water 2 sdm Liquid cream 3 tbsp Fresh Milk 200 ml Ice Cube to taste Step by Step Prepare a mortar, crush the strawberries with a pestle or folk Prepare a container, add Strawberry Bubble Time, warm water and liquid cream. Shake until […]

Tomyum Fried Rice

Tomyum Fried Rice Ingredients White rice 150 gr Tomyum Paste Kaef to taste Peeled shrimp 10 pcs Carrot to taste Oil to taste Egg 1 grain Step by Step Prepare a frying pan, add oil. Saute shrimp until cooked Add carrot and Tomyum Paste Kaef, stir-fry until fragrant Add rice, stir and cook until cooked […]

Tteokbokki Chicken Wings

Tteokbokki Chicken Wings Main Ingredients Chicken wings 6 pcs Hot Marinade by Kaef 1 tablespoon Powdered/grated ginger 1 tablespoon Sauce Ingredients Tteokbokki Sauce by Kaef to taste Leek to taste Sesame seeds to taste Step by Step Put chicken wings into a bowl, marinate with powdered ginger and hot marinade by Kaef. Store in the […]

Love Pie

Love Pie Pie Crust Ingredients Flour 250 gr Fine granulated sugar 1 tbsp Salt 1/2 tsp Liquid margarin 50 gr Vegetable oil 15 gr Water 100 ml Filling Ingredients Diced Apple 100 gr Water 200 ml Sugar 30 gr Corn starch 20 gr Chocolate Belva Frappe 50 gr Step by Step To make pie filling, […]


Klapertaart Ingredients A Chocolate Belva Frappe 100 gr Flour 100 gr Corn Starch 100 gr Sugar 150 gr Egg Yolk 5 grain Coconut Water 600 ml Full Cream Milk 600 ml Margarine 100 gr Condensed Milk 300 gr Ingredients B Grated Cheese 150 gr Walnut 100 gr Raisins 100 gr Young Coconut 200 gr Meringues […]

Mille Crepes

Mille Crepes Crepes Skin Ingredients Flour 260 gr Corn starch 40 gr Chocolate Belva Frappe 5 tbsp Milk 500 ml Melted butter 100 gr Egg 5 grains Sugar 3 tbsp Whipped Cream Ingredients Liquid whipping cream 500 ml Mango Belva Frappe 3 – 4 tbsp Topping Ingredients Mango to taste Chocolate bar to taste Step […]