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Karawang Foods Lestari Showcases “Kaef Food Solutions” at Food & Hotel Indonesia 2024

Jakarta, Indonesia – Karawang Foods Lestari is excited to announce its participation in the Food & Hotel Indonesia 2024, happening July 23-26 at Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran. This year, we introduce our theme “Kaef Food Solutions”, emphasizing our commitment to innovative culinary solutions for the Horeca industry. “Our involvement in FHI 2024 reflects our dedication to excellence and […]

Base Spices, The Key of most Indonesian Cuisines

Indonesia boasts a wide variety of dishes and spices. Each region offers its own distinct cuisine, with varying spice blends used in each dish. Nonetheless, there are typically 3 to 4 spices that you’ll find in every Indonesian dish. PROBLEM Preparing dishes, especially those with numerous spices, requires extensive preparation. People prefer quicker and simpler […]

Marinade: Tips to Get Tender and Juicier Meat

Have you ever tasted tough, raw-smelling, and unevenly flavored meat? That means the meat hasn’t been marinated properly. Let me take you on a journey to learn more about marination.What is Marinade?A marinade is a blend of seasonings and ingredients carefully combined in the form of paste, liquid or dry rub to enhance the flavor […]

Kaef Turut Serta Mendukung Kegiatan Raimuna Nasional XII Tahun 2023

Jakarta, 16 Agustus 2023 – Raimuna merupakan pertemuan Pramuka Penegak dan Pandega se-Indonesia, digelar dalam bentuk perkemahan besar yang diselenggarakan oleh Kwartir Gerakan Pramuka. Kegiatan dilaksanakan setiap lima tahun sekali dan pelaksanaan kali ini berlangsung 14-21 Agustus 2023 di Bumi Perkemahan dan Graha Wisata Pramuka Cibubur, Jakarta Timur dengan mengusung tema “Pramuka Hebat Indonesia Bangkit”. […]

PT Karawang Foods Lestari Sukses Memperkenalkan Kaef di FHI 2023

Jakarta, 8 Agustus 2023 – Pergelaran pameran Food & Hotel Indonesia (FHI) 2023 yang bertempat di Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran pada tanggal 25 hingga 28 Juli 2023 telah selesai dan menjadikan para pelaku industri bisnis Food & Beverage saling menjalin relasi untuk tujuan tertentu. PT Karawang Foods Lestari yang membawa brand Kaef sukses mengenalkan produk-produk […]

PT Karawang Foods Lestari Siap Ramaikan FHI 2023 dengan Brand Kaef

Jakarta, 4 Juli 2023 – Kaef sebagai salah satu produk Bumbu dan Saus yang diproduksi oleh PT Karawang Foods Lestari kini siap meramaikan acara Food and Hotel Indonesia 2023 yang berlangsung mulai tanggal 25 hingga 28 Juli 2023 bertempat di Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat. Food & Hotel Indonesia sendiri merupakan pameran yang dikhususkan […]

Garlic Paste: A Solution for Your Foods​

Garlic is a basic seasoning used in most food preparations in the world, especially in Asia. Garlic consumption in Indonesia is very large, reaching around 500 thousand tons per year (Susenas, 2021). Garlic Types Kating Garlic 1. The aroma is very pungent as well as the taste it gives 2. When used for cooking it […]