Karawang Foods Lestari

Mille Crepes

Mille Crepes Crepes Skin Ingredients Flour 260 gr Corn starch 40 gr Chocolate Belva Frappe 5 tbsp Milk 500 ml Melted butter 100 gr Egg 5 grains Sugar 3 tbsp Whipped Cream Ingredients Liquid whipping cream 500 ml Mango Belva Frappe 3 – 4 tbsp Topping Ingredients Mango to taste Chocolate bar to taste Step […]

Textures and Bites

Textures and Bites As a one-stop shopping solution for our business partners, we are able to develop various sweet and savory particulates, chunks and toppings to complete the looks, textures, and values of your products. The products are basically endless from cookies sticks, meringues, and sweet sprinkles to savory cheese bits. Please ask our Technical […]


Pastes KFL’s signature garlic and chili pastes are shelf-stable replacement of its fresh produce counterparts. Our state-of-the-art processing technology allows the production of paste without preservative and other additives while affording the product with shelf life up to 2 years. Benefits of using KFL garlic and chili paste: – Ease of use as you don’t […]

Coating System

Coating Systems KFL offers a wide variety of seasoned flour blends for deep-fried products such as fried chicken, nugget, tempura, fish fry and onion rings. The coating selection starts from the substrate to be coated, be it poultry, seafood or vegetables. Our selection then covers individual needs for various applications and product parameters such as: […]


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Syrups, Toppings & Fillings

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Premixes and Powder Ingredients

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PT Karawang Foods Lestari Siap Ramaikan FHI 2023 dengan Brand Kaef

Jakarta, 4 Juli 2023 – Kaef sebagai salah satu produk Bumbu dan Saus yang diproduksi oleh PT Karawang Foods Lestari kini siap meramaikan acara Food and Hotel Indonesia 2023 yang berlangsung mulai tanggal 25 hingga 28 Juli 2023 bertempat di Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat. Food & Hotel Indonesia sendiri merupakan pameran yang dikhususkan […]

Garlic Paste: A Solution for Your Foods​

Garlic is a basic seasoning used in most food preparations in the world, especially in Asia. Garlic consumption in Indonesia is very large, reaching around 500 thousand tons per year (Susenas, 2021). Garlic Types Kating Garlic 1. The aroma is very pungent as well as the taste it gives 2. When used for cooking it […]